Welcome to the 2019/20 Scouting Year !

Existing Members

Beavers moving to Cubs will be contacted by your section leader and notified of when you are moving up.   The opening dates for existing members are as follows:

  • 38th Cork Beavers – Monday 16th September 2019 @ 6.30pm
  • 40th Cork Beavers – Tuesday 17th September 2019 @ 6.30pm
  • 40th Cork Cubs – Tuesday 17th September 2019 @ 7.30pm

New Members

There  is currently waiting lists in place for both Beavers and Cubs sections. All applications must be made online – click here.  Please do not input duplication application as offers are made based on application date.

For 2019/20 initial offer for the Beavers sections will be sent (by email) on or before 30th August 2019.  Subsequent offers will be made when places become available throughout September.  It is not expected at this stage that few if any any offers will be made for Cubs Scouts on the waiting list due to the number progressing from the Beaver Section.

We require an additional female adult leader to operate in our Tuesday Beavers.  If you have a child on our waiting list and are available to volunteer, we have one place reserved in that section.    For adult volunteers, click here and submit your details and we will be in contact and will discuss this with you.

Notice of AGM

Our AGM will take place in the Scout Hall on Monday 23rd September from 7.45pm until 8.15pm.  All parents are welcome to attend to receive the Annual Report and Accounts for 2018/19.

Registration Fees

Fees for 2019/20 were approved at our Group Council and are €150 for an individual youth members and €200 for a family (two or more youth members)

This year fee notes will be issued by email and payment as in previous years is online via the link on your email.