Data Protection Notice

It is important when dealing with your personal data that you are fully aware, and that any decisions that you take concerning your data are fully informed. Please read the notice below, before giving consent.

Information Notice

At Scouting Ireland, and in the 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group, we treat your personal data with the utmost importance and respect. Scouting Ireland and 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group are joint controllers of your personal data; if you have any queries related to 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group’s use of your personal data, please contact your child’s leader or emailing

Why we collect data, and what data we collect

We collect the minimum amount of data for the purposes of being able to administer our scouting programme. We collect the following required data:

  • Identification details – name, and date of birth, so that we know who our members are
  • Parent/guardian contact details – postal address, email address, mobile number, so that we can contact you about our programme, activities, and related matters

If you consent to provide it, we will also collect:

  • Health data – for our members’ well-being we wish to obtain certain health information about your child from you, such as allergies, dietary intolerances, medications that are being used, and anything else which may inform or affect our programme and our members’ participation and enjoyment. Health data will not be gathered from you without your explicit consent.
  • Emergency Contact Data – who to contact in the event of emergency, if we are unable to contact you

Other information that we may gather, from time to time, includes:

  • Photographs – Scouting is fun, and we like to be able to remember how much fun it was, and tell other people about it. We often take photographs during our activities, and your child may appear in some of them
  • Gender – we strongly supporter gender diversity; this data helps us ensure that our facilities cater to everyone’s needs.
  • Dietary Data – so that we can ensure that specific needs are appropriately catered for

Whom can access your personal data

The data we collect is only accessible to adult members of 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group, and to administrative staff in Scouting Ireland.

Whom  we might share your personal data with

In general, we do not share your or your child’s personal data with anyone outside of 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group or Scouting Ireland. For promotional purposes, from time to time we may post photographs of our activities onto our web or Facebook page; when we post photographs, we never tag them, or identify the children in them, without explicit permission.

Circumstances may arise making it necessary to share your or your child’s data with:

  • Medical personnel
  • Emergency services
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Our insurers

We will only share your data in these circumstances when required to by law, or when it is in our legitimate interests, or when it is in your or child’s vital interests for us to do so.

How long we keep your data for

In general, we will retain your information only for the duration of your child’s membership. For historical/archival purposes, we retain the names of our members (and the period of their membership) and photographs of events.   If we gather health data, we will keep it only for the duration of your child’s membership.

Security measures in place

In general information is held on 38th/40th Cork Ballinlough Scout Group’s Register System, which is accessed by a single individual and reporting from that is at the request of section leaders.  These include but are not limited to: (a) membership lists which include names and ages, (b) personal record card with contact details as supplied in a standard format and record badge history and (c) generated forms such as our Parental Consent Form. 

Original application data  is held on our webhosts server and is password protected. 

Online payments are process via PayPal and we do not store or have access to credit or debit card information, only a payment reference.

Transfers abroad

We do not transfer any of your or your child’s data to any country outside of the European Economic Area unless we have your explicit consent.

Your Rights

The GDPR grants you several rights in respect of your personal data and its processing. The applicable ones are:

  • To be informed – the purpose of this information notice
  • Access – you may obtain a copy of the personal data held about you
  • Rectification – you may get errors in the data held about you corrected
  • Erasure – subject to certain limitations, you have the right to have information about you erased
  • Restriction and Objection– subject to certain limitations, you may object to, or request restriction of, processing

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of any of your information at any time. You also have the right to make a complaint about the processing of your data to the Data Protection Commission. You can obtain further information about your rights (and all your personal data protection rights in general) here:

Further information about how Scouting Ireland processes your information can be found here:

You can exercise any of these rights in connection with Scouting Ireland by contacting, and in connection with 38th/40th Cork, Ballinlough Scout Group by contacting