Mobile Phone, Photography & Image Sharing Policy

The following policies apply to youth members, parents, visitors and leaders as set out below.

Mobile Phones / Connected Devices

Youth members are not permitted to bring mobile devices or phone on scouting activities.  Section leaders will provide their contact details if you need to urgently contact you child during an activity.  This is to ensure that devices are not lost or damaged or used inappropriately to record images of other scouts, access social media, or access inappropriate content.

Photography / Videography & Image Sharing

Youth members are not permitted to photograph or video other members on scouting activities unless it is expressly provided for (eg. photo hike).  Images of members should not be shared by youth members on social media or any other online platform.

Parents, Guardians and Visitors are not permitted to photograph other scouts at activities or share those images on on social media or any other online platform.

Leaders are permitted to take photographs and videos on scouting activities and these images can be made available via our official website and social media accounts.  In no case will youth members be identified or named.  Specific consent is provided by parents on the Annual Parental Consent Form to permit this.  the purpose is to provide parents with information on our activities,

Toilet Facilities

The Scout Hall toilet facility consist of two cubicles and one wash hand basin. It is shared between male and female members and youth and adult members.  It is the policy of the group that only one person may use the facility a at a time to provide privacy and segregation between male and female users and youth and adult members.