Sample Gear Lists

For full-day activities or overnight activities a sample gear list has been included below.  The best type of bag to bring is a rucksack or small gear bag that has 2 shoulder straps.  This makes it easier to carry, particularly if there is a bit of walking involved. It is important to wear hiking boot OR comfortable walking shoes on activities.  We do not encourage people to wear new clothes as often they will get dirty and or wet on activities!  For the same reason denim jeans are not very suitable particularly if they get wet.


Sample Gear List for a Hike or Day Activity

Most sections will give out a note about activities outside the normal weekly meeting, giving details of any specific gear that is required.



(Tick   Box)
Neckerchief (must be worn)    
Rain Jacket  or Rain Gear    
Hat (For sun or rain)    
Packed Lunch

(Sandwich/ Roll, Fruit, Crisps/Bar)

Hot Drink in a Flask

(Tea/Soup/Hot Chocolate)

Cold Drink (Water is best)    


Sample Gear List for an Overnight or Weekend Activity

The following is a sample gear list for a weekend.  Depending on the activity there maybe specific requirements, eg. swimming gear, old clothes, fancy dress etc.



(Tick   Box)
Sleeping Bag
Foam Groundsheet
Pyjamas / Bed Wear
Pillow (optional)
Full Change of Clothes x2
Change of Shoes x2
Knife, Fork & Spoon
Tea Towel
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Small Towel
Small Gear Bag for:
Old Shoes/Runners (will get wet)
Old T Shirt
Swimming shorts
Large Towel x 2
Rain Coat / Jacket (can be worn)
Uniform (must be worn going)
Torch (optional)
Pocket Money €5 Maximum