Registration & Fees


Each Youth Member is required to be registered with the group in order to become a member.  They must also be invested and take the Scout Promise.  Registration takes place upon applying to join, or for existing members, each year in September. You are registered if you have completed the Green Parental Consent Form and have paid or part paid the Registration Fee.

Parental Consent

At the beginning of each scouting year or on joining as a new member, you will be requested to completed a green Parental Consent Form.  This form is comprised of a number of parts including, your permission to partake in activities, your consent for the leaders specified to give instruction to your child, medical details and other comments.  Please read the form carefully and ensure that the forms is signed and witnessed and that if details are pre-filled that they are correct.  Also please note items such as special dietary requirements, allergies, medical conditions or attention disorders.  this information is important to allow the leaders plan an inclusive programme.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the section leader or email us at:

For information on what data we hold please see our Data Protection notice.


Fees are paid online only and can be paid in installments.  The fee covers, Registration & Insurance to National Office and a contribution to the local running cost such as Hall Upkeep and Programme Costs.  Whilst we endeavour to keep additional fees to a minimum, certain activities, such as weekends, day trips and the Scouts Annual Camp will have a cost attached to them.  

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