General Complaints Procedure

The Group endeavours to ensure that we deliver the highest quality programme in the safest environment and we are always conscious of the age groups when we are planning our programme.

If however you are not satisfied with any aspect of our activity, whether it is safety or the collection times and points or your child is having a problem in their section, please bring it to the attention of any of the section leaders.  This allows us to make provisions when planning future programmes.

The procedure is:

(1) Bring issue to attention of the Section Leaders (most issues are resolved here)

(2) If the issue is not resolved or more serious, bring issue to attention of the Group Leader

(3) If the issue is of a serious nature and not resolved by  the Group it can be reported to Scouting Ireland’s National Office 

If there is a specific Child Safeguarding concern, please click here for that procedure.